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I LOVE NEWS | Credits to Fearless123

see the one on the rightmost?
yep. that's the one.
it's a wonder how anyone can be perfect ah? but i've seen one.


To summarise myself in 3 words: Happy, Weird, Slow.
Cant seem to live a day without laughing. ^^
Always doing stupid stuff..ahh and WAYYY too clumsy for a girl.
SLIGHTLY slow reaction. (:

I do not have photographic memory or any of the sort, but i simply happened to be a person very inclined to people. Whom I've met before, I wouldn't forget you. It's just weird when I'm walking on the streets and I see a woman who has talked to me before and I am able to recall the incident, but of course, how could she remember?
So if you are going to make friends with me, I'm not asking you to remember me forever, but trust me not to forget you. (: